Mikael Selling, Co-founder of Opticom, speaks at the Europulp/Utipulp Annual Seminar in Barcelona September 12
Mikael's speech focused on “The global consumer perspective on the environment and sustainable forestry”. Consumers around the globe get more environmentally conscious, their concerns are rapidly growing, and we are all aware of that. Most of us wants to do the right thing, but sustainability is a complex matter. Mikael presented results fromContinue reading →
Lupin: Valuable insights ready to act upon!
Pietro Crovetto, VP Global Inhalation Strategy at Lupin Pharmaceuticals with vast experience from the international pharmaceutical industry at various prominent positions within commerce, marketing, strategy, and business development, for a variety of companies including Novartis, Chiesi, ALK Abelló and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Pietro has been aContinue reading →
Opticom launches new web site
With the aim of improving our communication regarding the value we provide to our clients and to make the web site visit a more interesting experience, we are now launching a new web site. With this new web site we want to put an even greater emphasis on presenting our client testimonials and to focus the information on the specific industries Continue reading →