Where did your kitchen table grow?
You probably don’t have the faintest idea. But, it is an important question to ask. Not only for you, but the entire globe. Think about how much you care about the food you eat. You ask questions, such as; were the hens happy laying the eggs? Did the cows eat well? Are the carrots grown organically? Or did the peas get sprinkled withContinue reading →
Navigator is the most valuable Office Paper brand in Europe
Stockholm, Sweden, November 3rd, 2016 – Opticom International Research now presents the results of the 12th edition of the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey - Office Paper”. This industry standard benchmark survey for office paper brands has been conducted among 1500 professional end-users across 5 countries in Europe. The countries covered areContinue reading →
ABB: Opticom understood our business and market research needs!
Niko Kujala has been working within the product segment of breakers and switches at ABB Protection and Connection in Vaasa, Finland since 2011 and he has held different international positions within both sales and production. He gives the background to his first experience with Opticom International Research: We knew that we wanted to conductContinue reading →