What’s cooking: Eye for Pharma: United for healthcare
Opticom took the opportunity to hear and discuss What’s cooking in Pharma, at the annual Eye for Pharma’s Barcelona Conference 2017. Buzz words such as patient empowerment, digital services, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and customer engagement confirm that the industry is clearly widening its “customer focus” to include a strongerContinue reading →
Turning wind power in a new direction. With an innovative spin.
Imagine a pioneer in the wind power business deciding to create true change. Let’s assume that they have been around for a while, and that they have made their mark as a solid supplier of reliable technology. Let’s also consider the fact that they have moved upward the value ladder, offering both a portfolio of services and a range ofContinue reading →
Brand tracking surveys
Annually Opticom talks to more than 30 000 printers, converters, and other professionals dealing with paper, board and other forest products in order to define brand equity through measuring and tracking brand awareness, brand performance, buying behaviour and brand loyalty among important end-users in Europe. Regular editions of our brand andContinue reading →