Opticom launches the 2016’s edition of the Office Paper Brand tracking study
The research consists of telephone interviews with end-users across three offices size: small, SOHO and large. About 1500 professionals, responsible for selecting and/or purchasing office paper, will be interviewed in five European markets: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. The survey provides value to subscribers in a number...Continue reading →
Trend Report 2025 - what’s happening in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry?
För att läsa nyheter på svenska, klicka här. In the newly published sixth edition of Opticom’s annual industry study, the focus is on the future. The report involved the participation of 148 representatives from 58 different companies in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry who have looked in the crystal ball and tried to predict what Swed...Continue reading →
Why conduct market segmentation?
Market segmentation is used as a strategic marketing tool for defining markets/customer groups and to decide which ones to focus on. An organisation cannot satisfy the needs and wants of all customers - to do so may result in a waste of company resources. Segments with customers that fit the company strategy and offering should be prioritized w...Continue reading →