Our mission was to bend the trend – And we did!
Francesco De Rosa, with vast experience from the international pharma industry at various prominent positions within sales, brand and business managing, gives the background to one of his first experiences with Opticom International Research: “At the time, I had taken over a very important Pfizer brand with a five-year legacy of declining marketContinue reading →
Put a tree in your tank
Many of us remember Esso’s classic campaign about putting a tiger in the tank of your car. That claim was coined in another millennium, but demand for a clean, powerful and efficient fuel (yes that was what Esso promised) remains. Now imagine that someone sets the wheels in motion and starts developing, producing and marketing a fuel Continue reading →
Stakeholder management
In a time where the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in healthcare have changed considerably, pharmaceutical companies face different challenges and opportunities compared to ten years ago. It is no longer sufficient to provide individual stakeholders with information through direct dialogue and indirect communication: stakeholdersContinue reading →