Leading cartonboard suppliers reaffirming their positions among carton converters – results show there is a clear correlation between spontaneous awareness and purchased brand
Opticom International Research today announces the results from “The Brand Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for consumer packaging 2014” defining and ranking the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to carton converters. The ranking of brands, the Opticom Brand Equity Index, takes into account both awareness of and...Continue reading →
Industry study shows collaboration is the key to opportunies
Collaboration is the key to a more holistic view and good health economics and the pharmaceutical industry should be a key player in this. At the same time, it may be high time for the pharmaceutical industry to revise not only its own strategies, but also its self image: To dare to stand for and communicate what the industry actually does and can ...Continue reading →
Stakeholder management
In a time where the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in healthcare have changed considerably, pharmaceutical companies face different challenges and opportunities compared to ten years ago. It is no longer sufficient to provide individual stakeholders with information through direct dialogue and indirect communication: stakeholders no...Continue reading →