Mikael Selling, Co-founder of Opticom, speaks at the Europulp/Utipulp Annual Seminar in Barcelona September 12
Mikael's speech focused on “The global consumer perspective on the environment and sustainable forestry”. Consumers around the globe get more environmentally conscious, their concerns are rapidly growing, and we are all aware of that. Most of us wants to do the right thing, but sustainability is a complex matter. Mikael presented results fromContinue reading →
After Work Almedalen 2017
    After Work Almedalen Onsdag 5 juli 2017 kl. 17:00 - 19:00 Wisby Strands Veranda Opticom, Adxto & Mimerex arrangerar även i år ett gemensamt mingel för våra kunder. Vi bjuder på rosé, tilltugg samt ett lättsamt samkväm med kollegor i branschen. Vi kommer vid tillfället att informera om våra verksamheter. ViContinue reading →
Opticom announces new customer experience management partnership
Opticom are pleased to announce our partnership with SynGro, a world leader in customer experience management technology. SynGro share our commitment to turning customer feedback into valuable insight to drive strategic action and tangible value. Today’s business benchmark “Customer Experience” Gartner defines customer experience managementContinue reading →