The power of knowledge
Some time ago I wanted to rent a car and walked into an Avis office. On the counter there was a sign that read: “Avis needs you. You don’t need Avis”. It can hardly be expressed more simply than that, says Mikael Selling, Opticom International Research, in his column for Papernet. We really need our customers, regardless of the products we...Continue reading →
Neurology Clinic: Opticom as an advising partner for start up at Sophiahemmet
The neurology field is facing increasing demands; such as a fast-growing population, increase of ageing patients and major advances in neuroscience. Thus, wide changes are needed in order to meet the care challenges for patients with neurological diseases. In Stockholm, a new private concept is now being shaped; providing care and serving as a comp...Continue reading →

Stakeholder management
In a time where the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in healthcare have changed considerably, pharmaceutical companies face different challenges and opportunities compared to ten years ago. It is no longer sufficient to provide individual stakeholders with information through direct dialogue and indirect communication: stakeholders no...Continue reading →