Svensk Papperstidning highlights the success of Södra Pulp Labs
In an interview with Anna Altner, SPCI / Svensk Papperstidning describes the way Södra Cell has used Opticom's Future Lab for putting innovation into practice. To read the interview with Anna Altner, originally published in SPCI / Svensk Papperstidning's September issue, click here: "Putting innovation into practice".Continue reading →
Neurology Clinic: Opticom as an advising partner for start up at Sophiahemmet
The neurology field is facing increasing demands; such as a fast-growing population, increase of ageing patients and major advances in neuroscience. Thus, wide changes are needed in order to meet the care challenges for patients with neurological diseases. In Stockholm, a new private concept is now being shaped; providing care and serving as a comp...Continue reading →
Workshops that result in action!
Better understanding customers and other important stakeholders is critical to become a market leader ... but not as easy as it sounds if you are missing the step of making sure valuable learnings result in actions that are ready for implementation. Opticom does not only gather strategic input from defined target groups, but also helps customers...Continue reading →