What will future customers want from their paper?
What will future customers want in terms of paper, quality, feel and form? That is probably the industry’s million dollar question and it might be an impossible one to answer. But Holmen Paper is never afraid to tackle big, difficult or complex questions. So how can we go about determining what future customers will want from their paper and w...Continue reading →
Abbott Diabetes Care: Opticom as a strategic partner
Fierce competition between suppliers characterises the market for blood glucose meters with the additional challenge that this market is strictly regulated by public procurement. All blood glucose meter suppliers are fully dependent on getting their meters on tender in as many counties as possible. A customer can only obtain disposables (test strip...Continue reading →

Workshops that result in action!
Better understanding customers and other important stakeholders is critical to become a market leader ... but not as easy as it sounds if you are missing the step of making sure valuable learnings result in actions that are ready for implementation. Opticom does not only gather strategic input from defined target groups, but also helps customers...Continue reading →