What will future customers want from their paper?
What will future customers want in terms of paper, quality, feel and form? That is probably the industry’s million dollar question and it might be an impossible one to answer. But Holmen Paper is never afraid to tackle big, difficult or complex questions. So how can we go about determining what future customers will want from their paper and w...Continue reading →
Industry study shows collaboration is the key to opportunies
Collaboration is the key to a more holistic view and good health economics and the pharmaceutical industry should be a key player in this. At the same time, it may be high time for the pharmaceutical industry to revise not only its own strategies, but also its self image: To dare to stand for and communicate what the industry actually does and can ...Continue reading →
Stakeholder management services
Successful stakeholder management not only requires certain competence and skill sets but may also involve organizational changes. Opticom has helped many pharmaceutical companies to optimize their Stakeholder Management by means of one or more of the following services: Stakeholder mapping Stakeholder analysis Stakeholder management wor...Continue reading →