Put a tree in your tank
Many of us remember Esso’s classic campaign about putting a tiger in the tank of your car. That claim was coined in another millennium, but demand for a clean, powerful and efficient fuel (yes that was what Esso promised) remains. Now imagine that someone sets the wheels in motion and starts developing, producing and marketing a fue...Continue reading →
Opticom donates to the International Children's Villages
Opticom is proud to announce that 10,000 SEK was donated to the International Children's Villages as a result of telephone and face-to-face qualitative interviews on behalf of the participants. Certificate Continue reading →
Why conduct market segmentation?
Market segmentation is used as a strategic marketing tool for defining markets/customer groups and to decide which ones to focus on. An organisation cannot satisfy the needs and wants of all customers - to do so may result in a waste of company resources. Segments with customers that fit the company strategy and offering should be prioritized w...Continue reading →