Opticom launches the 2016’s edition of the Office Paper Brand tracking study
The research consists of telephone interviews with end-users across three offices size: small, SOHO and large. About 1500 professionals, responsible for selecting and/or purchasing office paper, will be interviewed in five European markets: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. The survey provides value to subscribers in a number...Continue reading →
LIF inaugurates new premises - and we were there!
För att läsa nyheter på svenska, klicka här. LIF - the research-based pharmaceutical companies' association - inaugurated their new premises at Sveavägen 63 in central Stockholm. Of course we were there. LIF President Anders Blanck began the inauguration by presenting the new premises as the new meeting place for anyone who wants to discus...Continue reading →
Customer satisfaction research
With an extensive experience in conducting customer satisfaction research, clients often rely on Opticom to interview their key customers to find out how satisfied they are. At times, however, respondents for customer satisfaction surveys include many of Opticom’s own clients, both when interviewing companies distributing paper, but also when pap...Continue reading →