Iggesund and Stora Enso are owners of the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe
Opticom International Research now presents the results of the 7th edition of the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey - Cartonboard”. This industry standard benchmark survey for cartonboard brands has been conducted among 225 converters across 8 countries in Europe. The countries covered are Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Neth...Continue reading →
Trend Report 2025 - what’s happening in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry?
För att läsa nyheter på svenska, klicka här. In the newly published sixth edition of Opticom’s annual industry study, the focus is on the future. The report involved the participation of 148 representatives from 58 different companies in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry who have looked in the crystal ball and tried to predict what Swed...Continue reading →
Customer research
Given our extensive experience in conducting global customer research, clients often rely on Opticom to develop their skills of listening to the market, to base their decisions on market facts and to embed the customer´s voice in their companies DNA. Successful companies do not just focus on what their customers want, but put the customers at the ...Continue reading →