The pharmaceutical industry does not get the appreciation, respect or financial compensation it deserves. Health care providers are perceived as adversaries rather than partners and there are no natural possibilities to obtain access to the final customer. These are some of the conclusions from the industry survey that the industry journal Pharma Industry, and Opticom, conducted for the second consecutive year. The survey includes answers from 173 respondents representing 57 different pharmaceutical companies active in Sweden.

Besides complaints against the general attitude towards the industry the survey raises questions regarding the medical expertise within TLV (The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency) and concerns with their strong one-sided focus purely on cost. The lack of a comprehensive view on health economics makes it difficult to work with medical innovation in Sweden. The trade organization LIF (The research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden) is considered to be too weak and invisible in the public debate where it is supposed to represent and work in favour of the industry. Despite all this, eight out of ten industry representatives think it is fun to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Read the full article about this industry wide survey (in Swedish).

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