Given our extensive experience in conducting global customer research, clients often rely on Opticom to develop their skills of listening to the market, to base their decisions on market facts and to embed the customer´s voice in their companies DNA. Successful companies do not just focus on what their customers want, but put the customers at the centre of all they do. They strive at finding ways to differentiate themselves from competition. Profits follow from this; they do not lead it. Opticom offers a unique portfolio of consulting services focusing on retaining customers and building loyalty, securing more business and finding ways to differentiate from competition.

Customer satisfaction research

We really need our customers, regardless of the products we sell or the services that we offer, but customers are mostly doing just fine without us. Conducting customer satisfaction research shows that you care about your customers and are interested in what they have to say, but – more importantly – acting upon the results from the survey and suggestions put forward by your customers strengthens their perception of your company as both customer-oriented and trustworthy.

Opticom’s comprehensive model for customer satisfaction research with extensive qualitative in-depth interviews provides detailed feedback on customers’ opinions, expectations and perceptions of the performance of your company and allows you to take action on all relevant levels. Besides enabling direct and short-term improvements for existing clients, the feedback provided from customer satisfaction research allows our clients to become even more market-focused and differentiate themselves through an improved product and service offering.

Best-in-class supplier study

The general purpose of this study is to enhance our clients’ understanding of the future needs and expectations of key potential and current customers. The project scope covers trend analysis, defines critical customer interaction areas, benchmarks against competition and identifies value creation opportunities. The study should ultimately help our client to become a best-in-class supplier with an efficient sales organisation offering an optimal product and service portfolio.

Prospecting for business opportunities

Opticom frequently co-operates with our clients to prospect for business opportunities by mapping potential customers, creating awareness among them and investigating their buying intentions – in both existing and new business segments. Over the years Opticom has helped generate hundreds of million euro in additional revenues to our customers on five continents.

Learning from lost customers

Most businesses – even the best ones – lose customers over time. But if a company can retain customers longer this can make a dramatic change to the bottom line. So crucial insights into why customers take their business elsewhere and what the competitors are up to will help you to increase customer loyalty and thereby save costs and effort needed to find new customers.

The projects focus on why customers have chosen to discontinue their business relationship, what our clients need to do better and different in the future, which elements in our clients’ offering that are still appealing, if our clients still could be considered as a supplier in the future and which customers that are at risk and how losing their business can be avoided. The general purpose of these studies is to enhance our clients’ capabilities in retaining customers over time.

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