Forbes recently highlighted that bad customer service is costing the global economy $338 billion per year. What is remarkable, is that whilst 72% of major organisations are reporting their customer satisfaction at board-level the global cost of poor service continues to rise.

Competitive advantage from Customer Insight

To stand out from the crowd and build real competitive advantage, your organisation must harness the Voice of the Customer in a meaningful way to drive the changes that customers want while improving what they already love.

At Opticom, we’re ready to work with you to achieve this ambition. We are pleased to announce our partnership with SynGro, a world leader in customer experience management technology. SynGro share our commitment to turning customer feedback into valuable insight to drive strategic action and tangible value.

Gartner defines customer experience management (CEM) as “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.”

True Single Customer View—Integration, Flexibility and Reporting

Our customer experience software gathers feedback from any source including in-person and telephone interviews, SMS/web/IVR surveys and even complaints, reviews and social media. Feedback is analysed in real time with critical trends and topics automatically distributed to the right people to take the right follow-up actions.

By integrating this real time feedback with financial, operational and geographical data unique to your company, a true single customer view emerges. The result is loyal customers who spend more and promote your brand.

Today, Opticom and SynGro work together to drive value from insight for large multi-national companies.


Journal of Marketing


✓ Consolidate customer data

One clear view of the customer enables you to become agile in changing environments and make more informed decisions – remove the guesswork. Even better, correlate customer data with financial information – what do your high value customers have to say?

✓ Multi-channel awareness for full journey visibility

In the current era of multi-channel business, there are an increasing number of touch points that can impress, but also disappoint customers. Customers often “touch” many channels to complete their journey and the final experience is only as impressive as the weakest link in the chain.

✓ Manage risk of customer switching

Intercept negative trends in customer feedback and recover high value customers. Manage customer retention intelligently by prioritising improvements according to customer feedback.

✓ Spot opportunities for cross-sell success

Successfully and responsibly sell more to existing customers by identifying the right time to engage and cross sell. Only target customers that are happy with you and fit the ideal financial profile.

✓ Create customer service best practice

Use customer feedback to create an unbeatable standard of service across the business which is underpinned by KPIs.

To learn more about our customer experience software, please call Tejpal Chugh, Customer experience specialist on +46 708 39 90 07 or email