Opticom International Research is pleased to invite people with haemophilia and parents to children with haemophilia to a focus group we are planning to conduct on behalf of a pharmaceutical company involved in providing treatment for haemophilia. Our client is interested in developing a support tool for people with haemophilia and we would like to invite you to discuss your needs and ideas in this respect.• Would you like to take part in a discussion and give your opinions on what kind of support is needed for people with haemophilia and how a tool should be developed?
• Are you available for participating in a group discussion that will last for approximately 2 hours during a weekday evening between the 17th and 28th of November and will be conducted in London?

About the focus group
Opticom International Research, an independent, global consultancy firm specializing in market analysis, will organize and lead the group discussions which will be objective and will not focus on your disease history or private matters. You will be offered something to eat and drink during the session. A compensation of 50 Euro will be paid to all participants

If you are interested in taking part in a group discussion that may contribute to the development of a new support tool for people with haemophilia, please click here to register your interest. Opticom will get back to you with an invitation and more information as soon as possible.

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