Some of our clients:

Abbott, Abbvie, AGA Linde, Allenex, Bayer, Biogaia, BiogenIdec, BristolMyersSquibb, Caris Life Science, Chiesi, Janssen-Cilag, Lupin, NordicInfuCare, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Roche, ScandiDos, Smith&Nephew, SOBI, Teva, Wellspect
Opticom’s health division supports customers in making better business decisions, by using a wide range of market research tools in combination with strategic consulting based on in-depth industry knowledge.We strongly believe that successful market research is dependent on commitment and active dialogue between ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we take an active part throughout the entire project process and keep a continuous dialogue with our customers in all phases – from defining the real information need as well as in defining the optimal way of obtaining information, to efficiently gathering and compiling the data. We put a lot of emphasis on analysing the results to define actionable conclusions and recommendations. Finally, we also offer support in implementing the defined actions and ensuring follow-up.Opticom is a proven partner for many globally leading companies and we know how to identify, screen and develop trustworthy relations with a number of target groups important to our clients worldwide. In order to enhance management’s understanding of how their markets work, we systematically collect and analyse information from those who change the markets, for example:

  • Physicians and researchers, including KOL’s
  • Nurses and other specialists
  • Patients and relatives
  • Patient organisations and other NGO’s
  • Medical technologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Purchasers
  • Reimbursement authorities and politicians
  • Media
  • Investors and analysts
  • Pharmaceutical business executives
Caris Life Sciences: Future Labs valuable for everyone involved
Many believe personalised medicine is the future for health care. Caris, a pioneer in this field, specialised in personalised cancer diagnostics, discovered that although many agree that this is the future, it is hard to present the service and discu...Continue reading →

Sobi: A global player is needed to get full insight across international markets
The international width that Opticom provides is very valuable for a company like Sobi, as we are working globally, offering products on some 50 markets worldwide. That is when you need a true global player to co-operate with, a local market research...Continue reading →

Neurology Clinic: Opticom as an advising partner for start up at Sophiahemmet
The neurology field is facing increasing demands; such as a fast-growing population, increase of ageing patients and major advances in neuroscience. Thus, wide changes are needed in order to meet the care challenges for patients with neurological dis...Continue reading →

Abbott Diabetes Care: Opticom as a strategic partner
Fierce competition between suppliers characterises the market for blood glucose meters with the additional challenge that this market is strictly regulated by public procurement. All blood glucose meter suppliers are fully dependent on getting their ...Continue reading →

MIPS: This study has boosted our self-confidence
How do motor cycle riders see upon safety and the use of motor cycle helmets? More importantly, are they willing to pay for a safer helmet? When entering the motor cycle helmet segment, questions such as these were on MIPS AB’s mind. MIPS AB was...Continue reading →

18-05-2016: Opticom donates to the International Children's Villages
Opticom is proud to announce that 10,000 SEK was donated to the International Children's Villages as a result of telephone and face-to-face qualitative interviews on behalf of the participants. Certificate Continue reading →
18-03-2016: LIF inaugurates new premises - and we were there!
För att läsa nyheter på svenska, klicka här. LIF - the research-based pharmaceutical companies' association - inaugurated their new premises at Sveavägen 63 in central Stockholm. Of course we were there. LIF President Anders Blanck began the...Continue reading →
11-02-2016: Trend Report 2025 - what’s happening in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry?
För att läsa nyheter på svenska, klicka här. In the newly published sixth edition of Opticom’s annual industry study, the focus is on the future. The report involved the participation of 148 representatives from 58 different companies in th...Continue reading →
14-09-2014: Industry study shows collaboration is the key to opportunies (2014)
Collaboration is the key to a more holistic view and good health economics and the pharmaceutical industry should be a key player in this. At the same time, it may be high time for the pharmaceutical industry to revise not only its own strategies, bu...Continue reading →
23-06-2014: Opticom invites to after work during Almedalen week
The unique Almedalen week is quickly approaching and on Wednesday the 2nd of July, Opticom invites to an After work event starting at 5 pm. This year, we are organising the event together with Magnusson, the Baltic Sea Region Law Firm. In addition...Continue reading →
02-04-2014: Opticom attends Läkemedelsdagen 2014
Opticom attended Läkemedelsdagen 2014 at Nalen where the road to a more equal health care for all was in focus. Ordnat införande, horizon scanning and structured follow-up were topics that were presented and discussed. In the panel discussions w...Continue reading →
20-09-2013: Pharma Industry publishes Opticom's 2013 study on the Swedish pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry is facing both external and internal challenges. The external challenges are a lot about the health care sector’s strong focus on costs and lack of resources, creating a tough market to operate on. The internal challenge...Continue reading →
14-06-2013: Is Sweden lagging behind in the use of modern pharmaceuticals?
Is the Swedish healthcare system using innovative pharmaceuticals to a lesser extent than other, comparable countries in Europe? What can this depend on? Opticom was contracted by LIF to ask these questions directly to decision makers and Key Opinion...Continue reading →
01-02-2013: New patient law in Sweden likely to affect all stakeholders in health care
The Swedish government decided on 24 March 2011 to call for a special investigator to submit proposals on how the patient's position in and influence over health care can be strengthened. The study has adopted the name of Patient Power Inquiry (Patie...Continue reading →
14-09-2012: Pharma Industry publishes Opticom's 2012 survey on the Swedish pharmaceutical industry
Nine out of ten Swedes think it is very important to keep research in pharmaceutical companies in Sweden. A majority of citizens is willing to pay more to get access to new and modern pharmaceuticals. At the same time, the industry thinks the biggest...Continue reading →
18-06-2012: What is the key success factor in pharma commercialisation today?
A successful product introduction in the pharmaceutical industry has usually been based on market access, price and reimbursement strategies. However, during the last couple of years, large changes have occurred in the medical and healthcare systems,...Continue reading →
23-05-2012: Opticom starts cooperation with ACCESS Health International
The world is facing the demographic challenge of a rapidly aging population. In Sweden, the number of people in working age (aged 20-64) per elderly (80+) has decreased from 35 in 1970 to 12 in 2010 and is forecasted to reach 7 in 2040. This dependen...Continue reading →
09-09-2011: A misunderstood industry still fun to work in (2011)
The pharmaceutical industry does not get the appreciation, respect or financial compensation it deserves. Health care providers are perceived as adversaries rather than partners and there are no natural possibilities to obtain access to the final cus...Continue reading →
07-09-2011: New Opticom report shows opportunities in pharmacy market
Today Opticom launches the first comprehensive report about the market situation following the re-regulation of the Swedish pharmacy market. The report is based on results from in-depth interviews with leading executives at pharmacy companies, a surv...Continue reading →
07-07-2011: Opticom rapporterar från Pfizers seminarium på Almedalsveckan
Live report av Jacob Ahlsson, Opticom, från Pfizers seminarium på Almedalsveckan 7/7, 2011: Regeringens läkemedelsstrategi - i väntan på kejsarens nya kläder. Medverkande: Christina Åkerman, Generaldirektör, Läkemedelsverket. Mats Erikss...Continue reading →
06-05-2011: Pharmaceutical companies want to develop their cooperation with pharmacies
A recent market study on the pharmaceutical industry's views on the pharmacy market shows that several pharmaceutical companies want to develop their cooperation with pharmacies. The study was conducted by Opticom International Research AB in coll...Continue reading →
27-09-2010: Opticom researches the Pharma Industry (2010)
In the September edition of the Trade Magazine “Pharma Industry”, Opticom launches a brand new Industry research survey answering questions like; what do the pharma industry think about their own future, and which questions are currently the most...Continue reading →
21-09-2009: Opticom strengthens its position within medical & healthcare by taking on a highly experienced Corporate Advisor
Opticom International Research AB has decided to further strengthen its position as a leading global market research and consulting firm within the medical & healthcare area by taking on Ms Sylvie Bove as a Corporate Advisor. Sylvie is a senio...Continue reading →
28-05-2009: Opticom International Research signs an international cooperation agreement with pharmexx Nordic
Opticom has signed an international cooperation agreement with pharmexx Nordic, part of pharmexx GmbH – a world leading consulting company within contract sales in the Medical & Healthcare sector. The agreement entails a joint offer by Opti...Continue reading →
06-05-2009: Opticom participates in the "James Lind’s day"
Opticom participates in the "James Lind’s day" (En dag för forskning och hälsa) in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm the 20th of May 2009. The purpose of this day is to increase the public awareness of the importance of clinical research. Opticom wi...Continue reading →
11-06-2008: Opticom participates in EphMRA 2008 Conference
Nina Persson, Business Area Manager for the Medical & Healthcare Division at Opticom will attend the EphMRA 2008 Conference, 25 - 27 June 2008, Barcelona, Spain, to share knowledge and expertise with leading Market Research and Marketing Practiti...Continue reading →