Opticom International Research today announces the results from “The Brand Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for consumer packaging 2014” defining and ranking the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to carton converters.

The ranking of brands, the Opticom Brand Equity Index, takes into account both awareness of and satisfaction with the brand. Satisfaction encompasses quality and service associations, perceived brand performance as well as loyalty towards the brand.

The results are based on interviews conducted in February-April 2014 with 220 carton converters from eight Western European countries: Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Switzerland (new). All the converters who participated in the survey to some extent use virgin fibre cartonboard for their cartons and produce folding cartons for at least one of the following end use segments: Cosmetics & beauty care, Pharmaceuticals & healthcare, Chocolate & confectionery, Frozen & chilled food, Dry food, Wines & spirits. In total 58 different brands were evaluated by the converters. To qualify for the ranking, a brand must be evaluated by a minimum of ten respondents. Respondents cover a range of functions although most are related to purchasing and selection of cartonboard.

The survey shows that the levels of awareness for most of the FBB brands remain on similar levels as in 2012, whereas SBB brands show a positive development. Another important finding from the survey is that the brands overall are closing the gaps between converter expectations and brand fulfilment.

Most valuable brands in Western Europe – based on the Opticom Brand Equity Index

When taking into account brand awareness, performance and loyalty in ranking the brands based on Opticom’s Brand Equity Index, the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to carton converters are:

Most valuable cartonboard brands 2014

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Leading cartonboard suppliers reaffirming their positions among carton converters – results show there is a clear correlation between spontaneous awareness and purchased brand

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