Opticom International Research today presents the results from the second independently conducted brand study “The Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Woodfree coated paper” in Central & Eastern Europe.

The study is ranking brands of woodfree coated sheets based on how known they are in the market, how well they meet customers’ expectations on a number of quality performance criteria as well as the loyalty towards them. The study also identifies buying behaviour and purchasing power trends. The results are based on interviews with close to 500 sheetfed printers in Central & Eastern Europe. Four countries are covered in this edition of the Brand Tracking survey; Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

In total 36 different woodfree coated sheet brands have been tracked: 2U, Allegro, Arctic, Bianca, Black Label, BVS, Claro, Condat Matt Périgord, Creator, EuroArt, Galerie Art, Garda, G-Print, HannoArt, Heaven 42, Hello, Ikono, LumiArt,-Silk, Luxo, Magno, Maxigloss,-satin,-silk, MediaPrint, Mega, MultiArt, Novatech, Polaris, Prelude, Presto, Profi, R4/R4 Chorus, SilverStar, Symbol, Tempo, Toccata, Tom & Otto, UPM Finesse.

Of the 36 brands tracked, eight of them qualified for Opticom’s Brand Equity Index (BEI). This Index consists of four different key drivers of brand equity: spontaneous brand awareness, top-of-mind awareness, brand performance and loyalty. The eight most valuable woodfree coated paper brands in Central & Eastern Europe according to Opticom’s Brand Equity Index (BEI) are:

Rank 2008 (Rank 2007): Brand – Brand owner
1(2). Claro – Antalis
2(1). Hello – PaperlinX
3(3). Garda – Cartiere Garda/Lecta
4(5). UPM Finesse – UPM
5(4). Novatech – Antalis
6(new). Profi – Igepa
7(7). Luxo – Papyrus
8(8). Black Label – Antalis

To access the full news release click on the following link:
http://www.opticom.se/docs/newsrelease/News Release Brand Equity Tracking Survey 2008 – WFC C&EE.pdf

For more information, or ordering of the study, please contact Emma Grundström at +46 8 50 3090 00 or emma(at)opticom.se.

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