Opticom participates in the “James Lind’s day” (En dag för forskning och hälsa) in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm the 20th of May 2009. The purpose of this day is to increase the public awareness of the importance of clinical research. Opticom will be around to interview the public as well as be present with our tent for discussions and meetings all day.

The initiator of the “James Lind’s day” in Sweden is Karolinska Tirial Alliance. James Lind was a Scottish ship doctor who conducted the first documented clinical trial in 1747. His crew on the ship “Salisbury” was suffering from scurvy (vitamin c deficiency) and he gave them different dietary supplements. Those in the crew who were given a daily dose of citrus fruits quickly recovered, while the outcome was worse for those who were given cinnamon, ginger or salt water. The first clinical trial was a fact!

Starting with this initiative, Opticom is also launching a new strategic partnership with the magazine “Vitalt Vetande”, where the results from the day’s research will be published. For more information about Vitalt Vetande, please visit: www.vitaltvetande.se.

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