Since their start in 1999, Opticom’s brand equity tracking surveys have been established as the industry benchmark whereby brand owners have been able to measure the value of their brands in relation to competition and detect trends over time. Although the trackings were conducted yearly from the beginning – at least for woodfree coated paper and cut-size uncoated woodfree paper (office paper) – over time it became clear that clients were more interested in a follow-up every second year.

Following further client input, the design and approach have been critically reviewed with the aim of developing a 2.0 edition of the Opticom Brand Equity Tracking Survey during 2010 and at the start of 2011. This review resulted in a new set-up of the survey now being launched for woodfree coated sheets.

One of the guiding intentions in developing version 2.0 has been to make sure the surveys add even more value to their subscribers by improving and optimizing the geographical coverage, as well as target group and company size coverage, to develop a more to-the-point questionnaire and index calculation, and to provide a more suitable set of deliverables allowing a better use of information provided.

This new edition is based on a more focused and shorter questionnaire that is more appealing to respondents, but the purpose is still to identify and rank the leading brands based on their brand equity. The reduced length will ensure that more respondents will be willing to participate and it will also improve the quality of each interview. What is more, the focus is on brands specifically rather than also addressing attitude, satisfaction and loyalty towards suppliers and brand owners. An additional benefit of this more focused questionnaire is that there will be room to add single-client questions for topics that are of particular interest to our clients.

By extending the scope to also represent the Nordic and Eastern European markets, the surveys will become more truly European and will allow for a fairer presentation of the leading brands that may not originally have their focus on the Western European markets that from the beginning constituted the so-called basic countries. Similarly, optimizing the coverage of target groups and company sizes will allow our clients to more easily use and analyse the information provided on a level that is appropriate given the decisions that need to be taken on the basis of the results and analysis.

In addition to developing the standard report package to include the deliverables in terms of reports and statistical presentations that suit most of our customers, the report package now also includes a pre-presentation by means of a web conference as well as a workshop-like presentation to allow for more immediate usage of the survey results. The pre-presentation allows us to tailor-make the presentation for the workshop meeting which will help our clients to understand how far they have come with their brands and, if desired, the workshop can easily be extended to include defining what should be done to improve their brands’ positions. Furthermore, clients are also offered the opportunity to subscribe to a tailor-made report package focusing on clients’ key markets and presenting a total report that is adapted to the client’s geographical coverage.

For more information about Opticom’s brand equity tracking surveys please contact: Cecilia Vassal Nyholm at

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