News_130523Without question, winning and retaining loyalty is one of the best objectives any business can have. Profits follow from this; they do not lead it. When companies focus on delivering benefit for customers they are more likely to deliver long-term satisfaction and loyalty, which is the durable way of building lasting profits. Successful companies do not just focus on what their customers want, they put the customers at the centre of everything they do.

Many industries are under severe pressure due to weak profitability and fierce competition. It has made companies focus most of their energy on cost cutting. It is self-evident that hard work has to be put into increasing productivity and lowering costs, but this is not enough. When management resources are focused on fixing the basics of the business, few companies have enough energy to find out and understand their customers’ situation and strategic challenges. Companies should intensify the quest for finding the true drivers of customer value. The power of knowledge can be a game changer!

Given our extensive experience in conducting global customer research, leading corporations often rely on Opticom to look through the eyes of the customer. Opticom offers a unique portfolio of consulting services focusing on retaining customers and building loyalty, securing more business and finding ways to differentiate from competition. Our clients confirm that our engagement often results in considerable cost savings, increased sales and improved margins, in addition to better insights.

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