By means of an interview with Mikael Selling, co-founder of Opticom International Research AB, Södra Cell presents its Future Lab initiative on Södra Cell’s special Pulp Lab site. During the interview Anna Altner, Manager Pulp Labs at Södra Cell International, and Mikael Selling discuss the advantages of Future Lab and how it helps Södra Cell to understand the future and potential for foamed paper.

Södra Pulp Labs interview

To view the interview, click on the image above or here.

About Future Labs

The Future Lab method is a propriety-owned concept by Opticom which has been developed since 2003. Since the first Future Lab, conducted with Assa Abloy, it has been very successfully conducted with a large number of clients within the Medical & Healthcare sector and was launched in the Forest Products Industry early 2011.

About Södra Pulp Labs
Södra Pulp Labs is all about the passionate quest to find new sustainable materials. The forest is our renewable resource for the future and we think a lot of the products we make today from oil-based plastics and other materials could be replaced by cellulose.

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