“Eka, or AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals as we’re now called, has, in conjunction with Opticom, broken new ground in terms of customer contact and communication,” says company Sustainability Manager Maria Norell very enthusiastically. “A few times during the spring, we invited our customers to attend web-based seminars, or ‘webinars’, that highlighted and focused on the concept of sustainability, which is an extremely important issue for both us and our customers. All growth targets must be centred on achieving long-term sustainability, particularly when it comes to the environment,” explains Norell. “We only have one planet, we must remember that,” she adds in all seriousness. Continue reading

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It isn’t possible to improve our own operations unless we have properly identified our strengths and weaknesses as seen by the people that we ultimately answer to – our customers. A Customer Satisfaction Study helps to track and understand the overall satisfaction of the customers and our competitive advantages in the marketplace, and reveals as well areas for improvement. Continue reading

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What do your customers think of your performance? What do your sales people think your customers think? A survey shows that the perceptions of sales people may not reflect reality.

You really can´t do right by your customers if you don´t know what they think about you as a supplier. And for everything from pricing strategies to product offerings, regular reality checks with your clients are essential. So last year, Eka Chemicals – BU Pulp and Paper Chemicals – conducted a global customer satisfaction survey.
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