Health Logos June 2017

We at Opticom are happy and grateful for the valuable partnerships and inspiring journey we have been part of the last 30 years!

We thank all our clients for trusting Opticom with important projects, and we also thank all of our co-workers and business partners for their hard work and commitment to Opticom.

Our roots stem from research and analysis, which has provided our clients with true customer understanding. This understanding has served as the foundation for decisions that aim at creating substantial value for our customers in Health, Forest Products and Industrial Goods. Numerous client testimonials show that research pays off.

Over the years, we have added Consulting to our offering, helping our clients to use real-world insights to improve business decision making. Research and Consulting are the two disciplines that we have built our success upon: it has been our privilege to serve an incredible list of globally leading companies.

In 2014, we added Communication as the third leg of our business, and thus today we at Opticom Group feel honoured to offer global research, consulting and communication.

Today we are very much looking forward to the next 30 years and beyond. We can assure you that we will continue to be passionate about understanding your key challenges and in finding solutions that deliver true value.

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Eye for pharma pic

Opticom took the opportunity to hear and discuss What’s cooking in Pharma, at the annual Eye for Pharma’s Barcelona Conference 2017.

Buzz words such as patient empowerment, digital services, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and customer engagement confirm that the industry is clearly widening its “customer focus” to include a stronger patient centricity and closer stakeholder collaboration as well as a broader definition of offering value through innovative services.

Opticom will continue to help health companies succeed in their healthcare ecosystem. Do contact us if you would like to talk, brainstorm, and plan your next steps towards improved value propositions!

Some interesting quotes caught at Eye for Pharma Barcelona 2017:

“Technology forces us forward: pharma on its own will cause an evolution, by partnering with external partners, we will create a revolution.” (Panel discussion)

On Patient value: “We need to get patients to be proud of us – Pharma – proud of what we have achieved. We should do a better job to convince them.” (Panel discussion)

Bottom line: regardless of the value offered: “Never surprise us (patients) with any side effect!” (Ian Talmage, Senior Advisor, Bayer)

“Pharma’s role: Helping people to get better at getting better.” (Panel discussion)

“What is the most advanced pharma company when it comes to digitalization? Not just one company, but we can see indications that they are often the smaller, midsize companies, from the Nordics or Belgium.” (Dr. Frank Kumli, Executive Director, Life Sciences, EY)

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Every year Opticom conducts over 60 000 telephone interviews with respondents all over the world. In addition to this Opticom staff travels across the world interviewing our clients’ customers, printers, converters, merchants, advertising agencies, paper mills, doctors, patients, purchasers, retailers, and end-users on behalf of our clients.

Opticom’s competitive edge lies in conducting all fieldwork with our in-house native speaking work force. In 2013 over 60 researchers with about 30 different nationalities were engaged in these projects. All researchers are recruited in Sweden and are stationed at our company headquarters in central Stockholm. As a matter of fact, with such an international workforce, operating from one location, Opticom is one of the most international companies in Sweden. Around 75% of salaries paid by Opticom are to employees who are a foreign national – a truly multi-cultural global village.

In order to facilitate such an ongoing international operation Opticom invests considerable resources into recruiting and training well-educated and professional researchers. Safeguarding quality in the interview process is for obvious reasons one of our main concerns at Opticom. The old wisdom that an analysis is never better than the information it is based on, makes recruiting talents extremely important.

Anette Eng, HR Manager & Head of Research Department

Anette Eng, HR Manager and Head of Research Department, is in charge of this momentous task at Opticom. Anette Eng, born in Sweden but raised in Sweden as well as Greece has a multi-cultural heritage herself. Besides growing up in a bicultural family, she spent extensive periods abroad studying in Italy, Spain and France. Her studies in marketing, human resource management as well as languages provide her with the perfect background for managing Opticom’s international staff. In her daily work, Anette Eng makes it her business to create the perfect team of researchers for every project, regardless of project size, type, industry segment and geographical region.

Working with so many nationalities at one single location sounds very interesting but how does your staff feel about that? It is true that it is very interesting and I feel very privileged to be able to meet with, recruit and work with such talented and well-educated people from all over the world. I think that most of those choosing to work at Opticom feel the same way and often choose to continue to work here because they enjoy being in our international environment.

How do the respondents react when someone, speaking their language perfectly, calls them from Sweden?
Respondents often compliment our interviewers on their excellent language skills. When they realise that the interviewer is actually from their own country, a conversation about this naturally evolves. This works as an ice-breaker and often forms a good starting point for the rest of the conversation.

What kind of personalities are you looking for when hiring researchers?
First and foremost it is important that they have a positive attitude and good communication skills. We are very well aware of the importance of our interviewers sounding professional, but they also need to sound glad, since a smile can even be heard over the telephone. Besides these essential skills in communication, we require our interviewers to be very efficient and accurate. Finally, experience and a background in marketing or sales or within one of our specific fields is of course a merit.

Is it not better to subcontract fieldwork to local research companies throughout the world?
In some cases this might be a good alternative, but we find that managing and conducting all parts of the research from one single location is more cost-effective and provides better quality. With one project team for all local markets, Opticom makes sure that no tasks (e.g. project management) are duplicated. This also minimises the risk of performing the tasks in different ways that would negatively affect the consistency and reliability of the study’s results.

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The international width that Opticom provides is very valuable for a company like Sobi, as we are working globally, offering products on some 50 markets worldwide. That is when you need a true global player to co-operate with, a local market research company present in just one or two markets have more difficulty providing us what we need” says Charlotte Ungerth, Global Brand Director at Sobi (Swedish Orphan Biovitrum). Continue reading

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“Eka, or AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals as we’re now called, has, in conjunction with Opticom, broken new ground in terms of customer contact and communication,” says company Sustainability Manager Maria Norell very enthusiastically. “A few times during the spring, we invited our customers to attend web-based seminars, or ‘webinars’, that highlighted and focused on the concept of sustainability, which is an extremely important issue for both us and our customers. All growth targets must be centred on achieving long-term sustainability, particularly when it comes to the environment,” explains Norell. “We only have one planet, we must remember that,” she adds in all seriousness. Continue reading

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