Workshops on customer feedback help Munksjö in achieving its business goals
Munksjö has the aim to be a global leader in high-quality specialty papers, providing customers with a unique product offering for a large number of industrial applications and consumer-driven products. In developing its strategy and business planni...Continue reading →
Caris Life Sciences: Future Labs valuable for everyone involved
Many believe personalised medicine is the future for health care. Caris, a pioneer in this field, specialised in personalised cancer diagnostics, discovered that although many agree that this is the future, it is hard to present the service and discu...Continue reading →
Sobi: A global player is needed to get full insight across international markets
The international width that Opticom provides is very valuable for a company like Sobi, as we are working globally, offering products on some 50 markets worldwide. That is when you need a true global player to co-operate with, a local market research...Continue reading →
Neurology Clinic: Opticom as an advising partner for start up at Sophiahemmet
The neurology field is facing increasing demands; such as a fast-growing population, increase of ageing patients and major advances in neuroscience. Thus, wide changes are needed in order to meet the care challenges for patients with neurological dis...Continue reading →
AkzoNobel: Breaking new ground in terms of customer contact and communication
“Eka, or AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals as we’re now called, has, in conjunction with Opticom, broken new ground in terms of customer contact and communication,” says company Sustainability Manager Maria Norell very enthusiastically. ...Continue reading →
How Södra Cell benefited from implementing Opticom's Future Lab concept!
"For some time now, the paper market has been undergoing significant changes, with reductions in the consumption of several different paper grades, which in turn has seen a reduction in the consumption in pulp. This is a trend we expect will continue...Continue reading →
Chalmers: "It was a great event, short and sweet, and the delegates were tremendously satisfied"
"We at Chalmers, working in conjunction with Gothenburg University and Opticom, have recently implemented a Future Lab in mini format, and I've been absolutely delighted with the results - I didn't think things would go so well," says project initiat...Continue reading →
Abbott Diabetes Care: Opticom as a strategic partner
Fierce competition between suppliers characterises the market for blood glucose meters with the additional challenge that this market is strictly regulated by public procurement. All blood glucose meter suppliers are fully dependent on getting their ...Continue reading →
IKEA: Continuous market research is absolutely crucial for a sound business development
During the past decade the global market for rugs has been growing steadily and even though rug sales at IKEA have grown as well, it has not matched the general growth figures of the segment, leading to IKEA losing market shares. Therefore IKEA a few...Continue reading →
Iggesund becomes a trademark
Holmen succeeded in registering the name Iggesund as a trademark. Iggesund is now part of an exclusive group including fine Swedish companies such as Gustavsberg, Orrefors and Kosta Boda. Still, this valuable outcome was not the only value in going t...Continue reading →
Customer focus is UPM’s highest priority
Throughout the years, Opticom has promoted the significance of conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys to many of its clients. Conducting these surveys and, more importantly, acting upon the results so that customer relations can be further ...Continue reading →
MIPS: This study has boosted our self-confidence
How do motor cycle riders see upon safety and the use of motor cycle helmets? More importantly, are they willing to pay for a safer helmet? When entering the motor cycle helmet segment, questions such as these were on MIPS AB’s mind. MIPS AB was...Continue reading →
Holmen Paper: Satisfied customers
Customers’ positive attitude towards Holmen Paper has improved, according to this year’s customer survey by market analysts Opticom International Research. Customers now give Holmen Paper higher marks for service and support than in previous surv...Continue reading →
Aftonbladet: Marketing managers are increasing web advertising
Seven out of ten media agency consultants that are working with digital media expect to see increased budgets in 2009. Half of all marketing managers will increase their budgets assigned for web advertising. has with the help of Opt...Continue reading →
Södra Cell International does attitude measurements: Client opinions give us guidance
What kind of requirements and needs do our clients have? Many think they know, but through regularly carrying out customer attitude surveys every supplier achieves groundwork based on facts to be used in their strategy work and continuous customer relation.Continue reading →
AkzoNobel: Achieving improvements in the eyes of customers
It isn’t possible to improve our own operations unless we have properly identified our strengths and weaknesses as seen by the people that we ultimately answer to - our customers. A Customer Satisfaction Study helps to track and understand the over...Continue reading →
Eka Chemicals: Reality check with customers
What do your customers think of your performance? What do your sales people think your customers think? A survey shows that the perceptions of sales people may not reflect reality. You really can´t do right by your customers if you don´t know wh...Continue reading →
ASSA ABLOY Volvo Ocean Race - successful project
One year after the start of the race in Southampton ASSA ABLOY announces the results of the final employee survey. The Global manager- and employee survey that has been carried out by OPTICOM shows that 14 250 employees during the year have increased...Continue reading →