Opticom International Research today announces the results from “The Brand  Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for consumer packaging 2010” defining and  ranking the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to  brand owners (consumer goods manufacturers).

The results are based on interviews conducted in January-February 2010 with  approximately 400 brand owners located in Western Europe, representing six  different end use segments: Cosmetics & beauty care, Pharmaceuticals &  healthcare, Chocolate & confectionery, Frozen & chilled food, Dry food, Wines &  spirits. Respondents are responsible for or heavily involved in selecting which  cartonboard grades and/or brands that are to be used to produce the folding  cartons that their consumer products are packed in.

Main findings
Brand owners are, according to the survey, getting more knowledgeable about  cartonboard brands as they now refer to brands rather than to the type of  cartonboard and/or the name of their cartonboard supplier. The overall level of  brand recognition is, however, still far from the level seen among carton  converters. When segments are analysed on an individual basis, it is clear that  some segments show a higher level of brand recognition than others: e.g.  Cosmetics & beauty care and Pharmaceuticals & healthcare.

The seven brands that qualify for the Western European ranking (including all  six end use segments) based on their Brand Equity Index and thus are the  most valuable brands in Western Europe according to brand owners (consumer  goods manufacturers) are:

Most valuable cartonboard brands 2010

A sign of the improved brand knowledge is that all seven brands qualifying for  the total ranking this year are real cartonboard brands in contrast to the survey  in 2008, when two of the top brands were in fact names of cartonboard  suppliers.

Most of the top brands are only strong in two or maximum three of the  segments as reflected by the table below listing the top three brands per  segment*:

Top three cartonboard brands 2010 per segment
*excluding Wines & spirits as only two brands qualify in that segment

In most of the segments, the brands which qualify for the ranking lists are well  established since many years. However, in the Cosmetics & beauty care  segment there are three brands qualifying which are relatively new to market  and they are Algro Design from Sappi, Carta Elega from M-real and Trucard  from Tullis Russel. It will be interesting to see the future development of these  brands vs. the established top brands. Currently they play in different leagues  with Invercote being the by far strongest cartonboard brand according to  owners of Cosmetics & beauty care brands and Incada and Ensocoat also very  much ahead of the newcomers. However, there is no time for complacency in  this industry.

A fast positive development for a particular brand is best illustrated by Alaska  (International Paper) in the Pharmaceuticals & healthcare segment; up from a  9th place in 2008 to number one this year.

To summarise, the survey shows that brand owners are getting more knowledgeable about cartonboard though awareness still is on a fairly modest level.

“The raised interest in and knowledge about cartonboard brands could and should  be translated into opportunities for the cartonboard producers” says Jessica  Tommila, responsible for this survey at Opticom. She also adds that building  and sustaining a strong brand, requires a thorough understanding of what it  takes to open the doors to the brand owners and earn their loyalty. What drives  awareness and initial purchase for example and what would make them switch  from the brand/s they currently use to another brand?

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