2009 year’s brand tracking survey for woodfree coated paper is currently being conducted and if you are interested in knowing which brands that take the lead this year, results are expected after the summer holidays.

Opticom International Research has since 1999 annually ranked and tracked the most valuable woodfree coated brands in the European market according to sheet-fed offset and web heat-set printers. The ranking has been based on the Opticom Brand Equity Index which is based on four key drivers of brand equity; Spontaneous Awareness, Top of Mind, Brand Performance and Brand Loyalty.

The research coverage is very extensive as totally 1 450 sheet-fed offset printers are interviewed across twelve European markets and 150 web heat-set printers across seven markets.

Questions primarily concern awareness and performance of the brands but in this year’s edition there is also a special emphasis on environmental aspects. Opticom will through the survey be able to identify which woodfree coated paper brands that are perceived to be superior to others from an environmental point of view and reasons why according to the printers.

Should you be interested in subscribing to the survey, please contact the Project Manager Jessica Tommila at jessica (at) opticom (dot) se or +46708399006.

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