Opticom International Research today announced the results from the Brand Equity study where the strongest woodfree coated web brands in Western Europe are identified and evaluated.

The survey has been made among close to 150 web heatset printers in Western Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain.) The findings not only show the strongest woodfree coated web brands in Western Europe but also what actually makes the web printers buy a certain brand. The result allows for comparison between brands as far as perceived brand performance is concerned and also shows how loyal the web printers are to the various web brands and what factors that could actually make them switch.

In total 26 different woodfree coated web brands have been tracked: Allegro, Furioso, LumiPress, Royal Roto, Arctic, Galerie Art, Maxigloss,-satin, -silk, Royal Web, BVS, Galerie Fine, Mega, Royal Xpress, BRO, Garda, Novatech, Tecno, Condat Gloss/Silk, G-Press, Pavarotti, UPM Finesse, Condat Matt Périgord, G-Print, Presto, Creator, Ikono, R4/R4, Chorus.

The 2008 Brand Equity Index ranking list according to web heatset printers in Western Europe looks as follows:
Rank 2008 (Rank 2007): Brand – Brand owner
1. (1) UPM Finesse – UPM
2. (2) Royal – Sappi
3. (3) Lumi – Stora Enso
4. (4) R4/R4 Chorus – Burgo
5. (5) Condat – Condat/Lecta
6. (6) Galerie – M-real
7. (BACK) Creator – Torraspapel/Lecta
8. (7) Allegro – M-real

To access the full news release click on the following link:
http://www.opticom.se/docs/newsrelease/News Release Brand Equity Tracking Survey 2008 – WFC WE WEB.pdf

For more information, or ordering of the study, please contact Emma Grundström at +46 8 50 3090 00 or emma(at)opticom.se.

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