Opticom International Research now presents the results of the 7th edition of the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Cartonboard”. This industry standard benchmark survey for cartonboard brands has been conducted among 225 converters across 8 countries in Europe. The countries covered are Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

The top European cartonboard brands according to the Opticom Brand Equity Index are:

Ranking 2016 (2014/2012*) Brand Owner of the brand
1 (1/1) Invercote Iggesund
2 (4/5) Performa Stora Enso
3 (2/3) Incada Iggesund
4 (8/6) Simcote Metsä Board
5 (5/8) Ensocoat Stora Enso
6 (6/4) Carta range Metsä Board
7 (3/2) Tambrite Stora Enso
8 (-/5) Alaska Plus International Paper
9 (-/11) BillerudKorsnäs BillerudKorsnäs
10 (7/9) Rochcoat/blanc/perle Careo
11 (-/7) Algro Design Sappi
12 (new) Pankawhite/-brite Pankaboard
13 (9/-) Excellent Top MM Karton
14 (10/10) Linoplex/-freeze MM Karton

* BEI 2012 based on recalculation including the 2012 data from Switzerland for comparison.

Both Iggesund and Stora Enso continue to maintain their positions as owners of the most valuable brands since 2012. However, the competition is closing in with Simcote showing a higher level of loyalty than the leading brands.

In comparison with previous years, Pankawhite/-brite (from Pankaboard) has qualified for ranking for the first time; and 3 brands are back in the ranking: Alaska Plus (International Paper), BillerudKorsnäs (BillerudKorsnäs) and Algro Design (from Sappi).

Main findings

The survey shows that the levels of awareness of the top brands have increased since 2014, especially for Performa, Carta range and Excellent Top. Moreover, we can once again see a clear correlation between spontaneous awareness and purchased brands.

Value for money and Consistent Quality remain the two leading aspects in terms of brand evaluation. In general, brands are meeting the same level of expectation as in 2014, with the exception of Value for Money where converters are slightly more cost sensitive and less satisfied with the brands’ performance.

On the service side, Supply Reliability remains the most important aspect for converters who are not yet satisfied with the brands’ related performance. Comparison over time shows that business relationship has gained in importance and the brands are worse at meeting expectations.

The converters are still very loyal to their current main brand: both likely to continue purchasing the brand but also in recommending it to others.

Besides ranking the most valuable brands, the survey allowed us to look into what drives the choice and the purchasing of a specific brand but also to get insight into topics such as sustainability. Converters also shared interesting ideas on how to gain value from technical services and how producers could help them meet their most critical challenges.

About Opticom’s Brand Equity Index and the Cartonboard Tracking Survey

Opticom’s Brand Equity Index model assesses the impact of individual cartonboard brands, benchmarks the leading brands against each other and evaluates the success of individual brand strategies over time through four indexed key drivers of brand equity: spontaneous awareness, top-of-mind, qualities & associations and loyalty.

In order to improve the brand equity of their brands, brand owners should analyse the individual results for the different sub-indexes – both in comparison to the last survey as well as in relation to other brands – and determine where improvements can and need to be made. Do the brands get enough support in their marketing efforts? Do the cartonboard buyers understand that the things our brands are good at are important? Is the perception of the brand’s performance fair? Why have other brands with a similar positioning as ours been able to achieve more than our brand?

You can learn more by ordering the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Cartonboard 2016: Converters”. The survey is based on 225 interviews with converters of cartonboard in 8 European countries (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland). The survey has an overall purpose to identify and track: Brand Awareness, Brand Performance, Brand Loyalty and Brand Equity measured through Opticom’s Brand Equity Index (BEI). A second survey is available: “Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Cartonboard 2016: Brand Owners” based on 351 interviews done in the same 8 countries with Brand Owners active in six segments: Cosmetics & beauty care, Pharmaceuticals & healthcare, Chocolate & confectionery, Frozen & chilled food, Dry food, Wines & spirits.

In addition to issues directly related to brand equity, the 2016 edition of the survey also studies buying behaviour by looking at buying determinants and drivers for brand choice, sustainability issues, as well as how producers of cartonboard can help the converters and brand owners to meet their critical challenges.

For more information, or ordering of the survey, please contact Cécilia Vassal Nyholm at: Phone: +46 (0)8 50 30 90 04 • Mobile: +46 (0)708 39 90 04 • E-mail: cecilia@opticom.se

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