Stockholm, Sweden, November 3rd, 2016 – Opticom International Research now presents the results of the 12th edition of the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Office Paper”. This industry standard benchmark survey for office paper brands has been conducted among
1500 professional end-users across 5 countries in Europe. The countries covered are Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

The top European office paper brands according to the Opticom Brand Equity Index are:

Ranking 2016 (2013*) Brand Owner of the brand
1 (2) Navigator The Navigator Company
2 (1) Xerox Antalis
3 (4) Lyreco Lyreco
4 (3) HP HP (manufactured and distributed exclusively by International Paper)
5 (7) Staples Staples

* Compared with the ranking for the five same countries in 2013.

Among the brands qualifying this year, Navigator, Xerox and HP have been evaluated by more respondents in 2016 than in 2013 and only Lyreco has qualified in all markets in 2016. When comparing the ranking for the five countries sampled in 2016 versus 2013, two brands are no longer qualifying: Discovery and Office Depot.

Navigator has doubled its Spontaneous Awareness Index since 2013, while showing steady levels in the other indices (Quality & Association index as well as Loyalty index) reaching the first position in all criteria and taking the overall leadership. Xerox, 2013’s leading brand, dropped to second place due to a lower score in the Spontaneous Awareness Index.

Lyreco and HP swapped places mainly due to higher Quality & Association and Loyalty indices for Lyreco. Staples qualified again but shows a strong decrease in its Top-of-Mind index and a loss of few points in all the other indices although the brand did improve its recommendation index.

When looking at the ranking in each individual country, we can see that more brands are qualifying on an individual country level such as Canon and Viking in the United Kingdom, Office Depot in France or Plano in Germany.

While most of the rebranded reseller brands have maintained their position or dropped in the ranking, it is still clear that the majority of the brands in this top list are corporate brands. Only one pure product brand has qualified on the overall European level: The Navigator Company’s Navigator.

“Beside ranking the most valuable brands of Office Paper in Europe, we explore where and how the brands are bought, how the brands and suppliers are selected but also the environmental issues around the office paper brands, giving a deeper dimension to the information provided in this research” comments Cécilia Vassal Nyholm, Project Manager. “And knowing how actively our clients are using the results in their communication with their customers is very rewarding to us.”

About Opticom’s Brand Equity Index and the Office Paper Tracking Survey

Opticom’s Brand Equity Index model assesses the impact of individual office paper brands, benchmarks the leading brands against each other and evaluates the success of individual brand strategies over time through four indexed key drivers of brand equity: spontaneous awareness, top-of-mind, qualities & associations and loyalty.

In order to improve the brand equity of their brands, brand owners should analyse the individual results for the different sub-indexes – both in comparison to the last survey as well as in relation to other brands – and determine where improvements can and need to be made. Is the channel strategy appropriate? Do the brands get enough support in their marketing efforts? Do the office paper buyers understand that the things our brands are good at are important? Is the perception of the brand’s performance fair? Why have other brands with a similar positioning as ours been able to achieve more than our brand?

You can learn more by ordering the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Office Paper 2016”. The survey is based on 1500 interviews with professional end-users of office paper (in SOHO, SMEs and corporations) in 5 European countries (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain). The survey has an overall purpose to identify and track: Brand Awareness, Brand Performance, Brand Loyalty and Brand Equity measured through Opticom’s Brand Equity Index (BEI).

In addition to issues directly related to brand equity, the 2016 edition of the survey also studies buying behaviour by looking at buying determinants and drivers for brand choice, relevant communication and purchasing channels, as well as how professional purchasers of office paper view environmental friendliness and which brands that are leading in that respect.

By looking into who the main suppliers are of the main brands bought, the study also for the first time ever clearly maps the channels through which brands are bought as well as which are the main brands sold by the leading suppliers.

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