Opticom International Research Data Protection Policy

Opticom follows the guidelines of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce and International ESOMARs where EphrMRA includes guidelines for GDPR)

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According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) there is a clear distinction between:

  • Data Controller – who collects and owns the data
  • Data Processor – who handles and processes the data on behalf of the Controller

Opticom is a Data Processor within market research.

Personnel at Opticom who collect data by interviewing clients or any respondents in market research project are always transparent and lets the respondent know how the gathered data will be used and who the client is. The option to remain anonymous is always offered. Respondents can at any time refuse to answer questions or withdraw their previous answers and request their data to be deleted from the database.

Opticom does not share collected data with any party or persons except the client, who in most cases are the data controller.

Opticom does not save any personal data, the statistical results are archived on an aggregated level and not on an individual level.

In most cases, the data collected for market research does not contain any personal data and in these cases no further action is required.

In case where personal data is processed, which falls under the purview of GDPR policy, as the designated Data Processor Opticom promises to:

  • Keep clients’ data safe, secure and private
  • Handle Data Subject requests, such as right-to-erasure and right-to-access
  • Keep records of compliance and audit logs as required
  • Disclosure our sub-processors and monitor their GDPR compliance
  • Notify about security breach using account contact information

For clients acting as the Data Controller, they must meet certain obligations, such as notifying or obtaining data subjects’ consent if they handle or process personal data.


The research will comply with GDPR and all international/local data protection legislations and Insights Association/ EphMRA/ BHBIA.
Any information you provide us with will be treated as confidential, it will be combined with feedback from others like yourself. You will remain anonymous and your details will not be shared.
Your information will only be used for market research purposes and will not be passed to any other organisation without your permission. We need your consent in order for us to collect and use any information about you.
You have the right to refuse to answer questions or withdraw at any time.

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