A successful product introduction in the pharmaceutical industry has usually been based on market access, price and reimbursement strategies. However, during the last couple of years, large changes have occurred in the medical and healthcare systems, in patients’ expectations and involvement, as well as concerning influence and expectations from payers. The medical and healthcare industry now operates in a complex environment, where new stakeholders, on both regional and national level, are gaining more and more influence.

The influence of the individual doctor is decreasing as doctors are more steered by politicians and administrators on both regional and national level. As a consequence, Stakeholder Management has become an absolutely critical competence in order to be successful. This affects both how companies organise themselves and what competences the employees should have.

Future success will depend on an organisation’s ability to understand its dynamic environment and adapt its commercial model, plans and behaviours to capitalise on these changes.

To meet these changes, Opticom has developed the unique Opticom Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis. This Opticom product identifies key stakeholders and key decision making processes. What is more, we find out what these stakeholders think about current “hot topics” and future challenges and map who, and what, key stakeholders are influenced by, which groups or networks they belong to, and which other stakeholders they are influenced by and cooperate with.

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